Jennifer Winters and client working out at Fit4Lyfe Gym in Houston.

Fit4Lyfe Gym Featured in the Houston Chronicle

This Houston man lost 50 pounds one step at a time. Now he wants to help his neighbors do the same. Lindsay Peyton, Correspondent Musician Anthony Frazier looked in the mirror – and almost didn’t recognize the man staring back. He vividly recalls that moment, a little more than a year ago, Sept. 8, 2021, when […]

Jennifer Winters doing exercise challenge issued by one of her clients in 2020.

Workout Challenge

“I love it when my clients share exercises with me.It’s nothing to it but to do it!” Jennifer Winters

Jennifer Winters rolling a tractor tire during a workout at her gym.

Houston Chronicle Feature

Getting fit in 2020? Here are Houston’s top fitness pros. by Joy Sewing Jan. 10, 2020Updated: Jan. 10, 2020 7:47 a.m. Houston is a big city with big fitness options — from CrossFit to Zumba, plus everything in between. Each year, we ask readers to tell us  who their favorite  fitness trainers and instructors are around […]