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Jennifer Winters rolling a tractor tire during a workout at her gym.

Getting fit in 2020? Here are Houston’s top fitness pros.

by Joy Sewing

Jan. 10, 2020Updated: Jan. 10, 2020 7:47 a.m.

Houston is a big city with big fitness options — from CrossFit to Zumba, plus everything in between. Each year, we ask readers to tell us  who their favorite  fitness trainers and instructors are around the city. Several have been featured in our Renew Houston section, along with our weekly Fit City trainers, Maddy Falivene and Leo Johnson. 

About Jennifer Winters in 2020

What clients say: “I started working out with Jennifer in March 2018. I was weighing 210 pounds and my clothing size was 18 or XL at that time.  We worked out 3 days a week. She provided a meal plan, understanding on good eating habits, and a strong support system.  So far I have lost over 50 pounds, I’m down to a size 9/10 or 7/8 and I wear a size medium to a small.  FIT4LYFE GYM is the real deal. Yes, you will work for it, but you are worth it. Jennifer Winters reminds you of that every step of the way. “


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